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The reverse osmosis advantage provides:

What is a reverse osmosis system?


You'll notice right away that there's a big difference between reverse osmosis systems and carbon filters like Brita* and Pur*. Unlike these popular single filter devices, reverse osmosis systems use a series of filters that pre-treat your water and then filter that water through a reverse osmosis membrane. The pore size of a reverse osmosis filter is 1000 times smaller than the standard filter size of the leading competition, which is 1 micron.


Curious as to what this smaller filter size does when it comes to treating your water? Read more about the benefits of a reverse osmosis system below.

• Clear and fresh water with no odors

• Absorption of toxic substances inside the filter system, including sulfates, arsenic, aluminum, parasites, and viruses

• Chemical-free water that contains very few dissolved solids and is a cut above typical filters

• Elimination of hard water stains or mineral deposits on showers, tubs, and sinks

Chart of major contaminants in water

Reverse osmosis systems are incredibly easy to maintain. Call to schedule an appointment for a brand new system today.

Learn more about the reverse osmosis advantage.